罗比博客:I am so thrilled... you have been amazing

作者: Robbie Williams

Robbie's latest album, In And Out Of Consciousness, has rocketed to No.1 in the UK album charts in its first week of release and he has written a few words to thank you all for its amazing success.

"I am so thrilled to have my ninth No.1 album.

It couldn't come at a better time for me - 20 years into my career, and just as I embark on a new adventure with Take That.

Thanks to all the fans who have supported me over the years - you have been amazing."

The album, his ninth No.1 in the UK, is not only the second fastest-selling album of the year, but has sold 120,000 copies since it was released last Sunday, which the Official Charts Company have announced is more than the rest of the top five albums combined... wow!

Keep checking back to early this week for an international round-up of the success of In And Out Of Consciousness and don't forget to leave a message for Robbie below...


罗比的最新专辑<In And Out Of Consciousness>空降UK专辑榜冠军,现在他想写些话来感谢你们所有令人惊叹的成功。


这来的太是时候了——今年是我进入乐坛第20年,也是与Take That的新的奇幻旅程的开始。